Which Be Trū Product is Best for YOU?

1. What kind of pain have I been experiencing?

A) Localized pain such as the kind that accompanies an injury
B) Nagging or dull internal pain such as arthritis or sciatica.
C) Emotional pain and anxiety
D) Chronic pain all over the body

2. I am experiencing swelling and inflammation:

A) In my joints or around an injury.
B) My eyes are puffy and my face is mildly swollen.
C) I am not sure if I have inflammation but I do feel fatigued and sluggish.
D) I feel bloated, swollen, fatigued, and inflamed all over.

3. The reason I am interested in Be Trū Wellness™ is because:

A) I have physical injuries and I need something to help with pain and inflammation.
B) I want to support my body and mind with a daily supplement
C) I regularly experience anxiety and lack of focus.
D) I have chronic pain, depression, sleeplessness, mood swings, and/or problems with addiction.

4. The most important thing to me is:

A) Pain relief.
B) Focus and concentration.
C) Less anxiety and more energy
D) Getting off harmful prescription drugs and regaining my quality of life

5. I have special dietary needs and/or allergies such as:

A) I have sensitive skin and I don’t like mineral oil, parabens, or petroleum in my topicals.
B) I am vegan and cannot take gelatin.
C) I cannot have sugar or gluten.
D) I do not have allergies, but I want products that are completely drug-free and safe to use.

6. My favorite kind of supplements are:

A) I never take supplements.
B) I prefer not to swallow pills and I can only chew things that taste pleasant.
C) I love adding supplements to my daily routine, and I will try anything that makes me feel better
D) I don’t have time for supplements, I already take too many pills as it is.

7. My budget is extremely limited, I can only afford:

A) Less than $2/day
B) Less than $1/day
C) Less than $3/day
D) $5/day or more, my health is the most important thing for me to invest in right now

8. My favorite spa treatment is:

A) A massage
B) A facial
C) A yoga class
D) I don’t have time for the spa, I am busy, stressed, and in pain!

9. I travel a lot and need something to help with:

A) Tense shoulders/back from sitting too long.
B) Keeping me focused while I’m typing on my laptop in an airplane.
C) Taming anxiety and neutralizing free radicals and pollutants
D) All of the above.

10. I need to see results that are:

A) Immediate
B) Cumulative
C) Moderately instant (15-20 minutes)
D) I want immediate relief that lasts and the results seem to get better over time


If you answered mostly A’s: You should try our BODY Pain Relief Cream

If you answered mostly B’s: You should try our MIND Daily Gummy Chews

If you answered mostly C’s: You should try our SOUL Oral Spray

If you answered mostly D’s: You need the 3-in-1 Super Pack ASAP!

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