Where will Be Trū take you this Earth Day?

Where will Be Trū Take you this Earth Day?The Earth produces many wonderful things, and hemp is one of them!

Hemp is good for the earth, and good for you.

Fun facts about hemp:

  • Hemp can be used to make paper and other products that are typically made from trees.
  • Hemp can grow without pesticides.
  • Oils extracted from hemp plants benefit humans and all types of animals when consumed in the proper amount.
  • Hemp is a nutritious “superfood” high in healthy fats, plant-based proteins, and minerals.

Does your active lifestyle take you to the mountains, the trails, to the slopes or the sun?

Be Trū’s got you covered. You will find Be Trū Wellness™ super emollient BODY Pain Relief Cream uses our own patented Nano-Encapsulated Hemp Extract with a synergistic blend of additional homeopathic ingredients including arnica, Vitamin E, menthol, and essential oils of lavender and rosemary . Wherever you may roam… Be Trū products are the perfect companion.

Be Tru travels well.

Be Tru Earth Day

We encourage you to bring your Be Trū Wellness products along when you travel! Our products are non-toxic and free of any addictive or psychoactive substances. You do not need a prescription to use any Be Trū products, nor do you need to purchase our products from a dispensary.

Thanks to the passage of the recent Farm Bill hemp is no longer considered a controlled substance and can now be freely grown and harvested in the U.S. without fear of breaking Federal laws.

Hemp is good for the planet!

Now that hemp has be de-scheduled, the USDA has been given one year to implement new regulations regarding hemp production in the United States.

This is an exciting time for the industry!

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Happy Earth Day!

XO, Julie

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