What’s Causing All This Aggression?

I usually do not allow negative happenings to take over my headspace and cause too much anxiety, but I cannot lie: the recent current events have sent me into a mental tailspin of sorts. I haven’t really been sleeping and it’s mainly because I have so many questions with no answers. I’m no mathematician, but things just aren’t adding up and I feel myself slipping into a state of paranoia and speculation…

That’s my wake up call to STOP focusing on the things I have to speculate on, because without facts there’s just a sea of opinions that will seriously drive you to the brink of insanity.

I’ve recently wanted to post my thoughts about politics, legislation, conspiracy theories, and hearsay but then I stopped myself because I realize I cannot spread theories about things that I cannot legitimately confirm.

So I’m letting all that go, not in a sense of denial, but in a sense of acceptance and gratitude. I accept that which I cannot change or understand and I am grateful for that which I can!

The one thing I DO know because I’ve been researching and educating myself on for almost 2 decades, is that the overuse of prescription drugs is destroying our great nation and causing so much addiction, dependency, numbness, sadness, pain, aggression and despair. We are constantly searching for a quick fix, a bandaid, a pill to make everything go away. The problem is those chemicals are messing with our brain chemistry SO MUCH and also causing bigger problems within our bodies.

I found the following information to be quite interesting… (taken from Mercola website.)

According to CCHR:

It is well documented that psychiatric drugs, particularly antidepressants, can cause a host of violent side effects including mania, psychosis, aggression, violence, and… homicidal ideation … [P]eople with no prior history of violence (or suicide) became homicidal and suicidal under the influence of antidepressants. … However, despite all the documented violence-inducing side effects of these drugs, the FDA has never issued black box warnings on antidepressants causing violence or homicide despite the fact that at least 11 recent school shootings were committed by kids documented to be on or in withdrawal from psychiatric drugs.

The expert testimony in this case was supplied by Dr. Peter Breggin, an outspoken critic of psychiatric drugs. The featured article quotes him as saying:

“These drugs produce a stimulant or activation continuum… That continuum includes aggression, hostility, loss of impulse control … all of which are a prescription for violence.”

I’m not a doctor, politician, lawyer, or military veteran, but I am a health advocate and I do know about the corruption within the FDA, DEA, and Big Pharma, and I do know about plant-based healing, so I’m going to continue pushing what I DO know and sharing this sort of knowledge with everyone I can.

You don’t have to buy anything from me. You don’t have to even listen to me, but please, for god sakes, do some RESEARCH before you swallow a pill or inject yourself with something just because your doctor told you to. Be responsible for the health of your own body and brain and STOP believing everything is safe just because the FDA put a stamp of “approval” on it.

Let’s get our heads clear, people. Let’s wake up! Let’s take responsibility for ourselves and the ramifications of chemicals we decide to put in our bodies…

I love you all and my heart is open to each and every one of you, regardless of your opinions or political stance. I don’t care about selling you a damn thing… I just wish for you to be happy, open, aware, alive, healthy and full of peace!

Love and Light,

Julie Wilson-Gordon
President and Co-Founder

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