What in the World is Nano-Technology?

Nano-technology refers to the science of micro-sizing particles down to millionths their regular size, which allows them to easily penetrate human cells and create ultimate absorption for faster, longer-lasting benefits.

This is not some magical shrinking device that turns items into tiny versions of themselves — we’ll leave that idea for the SciFi Channel, but rather a sophisticated machine that uses laser beam technology to blast each particle and break it up into millions. Nano-technology simply creates greater surface area, allowing for ultimate nutrient absorption.

Think of nano-technology like this: if you have a soccer ball on a field, and you want that soccer ball to be absorbed into the ground, you can push it and pound it with much effort and might only get the ball halfway into the ground, but if you were to blast that same soccer ball into 15 million parts, the dust would cover the field and would be easily and instantly absorbed into the ground with not much effort at all, and would cover a much larger portion of the field than the single ball would.

This is an odd analogy, but you get the point. Imagine a layer of human cells being like that soccer field, and any supplement or topical solution you apply and/or ingest, is rarely ever fully absorbed by the body since the human cell is generally much smaller than the active compounds found within dietary supplements and topical solutions. Now imagine if those same particles had been nano-sized prior to being taken orally or applied topically. Those formulas would be easily and instantly absorbed into every layer of cells, and would most certainly have much faster and longer lasting effects within the body.

This nano-technology is one of the unique attributes of Be Trū Wellness™ products. The phytocannabinoid compounds contained within our proprietary hemp extract have been nano-sized by the millionths so not only do you experience the benefits of certified organic, non-psychoactive hemp extract derived from the mature stalks of the male hemp plant, but you get those compounds delivered to you in nano-sized particles for 100% absorption!

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