Traveling With Be Trū Wellness Products

People frequently ask if they can travel with their Be Trū Wellness products. Whether it is because of the fear of  travel regulations, or from more of a convenience standpoint – both of these questions are addressed here:

YES, you can indeed travel with your favorite Be Trū products!

Travel with Be Tru Wellness products and carry relief with you
In fact, we encourage you to have your Be Trū products with you since traveling often leads to stiff muscles, cramps, anxiety, jet lag, and even sunburn. It’s important to understand that none of the ingredients contained in Be Trū Wellness’ products are illegal or unsafe to take along.

Non-toxic and free of any psychoactive substances

Our products are non-toxic and free of any addictive or psychoactive substances. You do not need a prescription to use any Be Trū products, nor do you need to purchase our products from a dispensary.

So why do people ask us this question?

It might stem from confusion about the Be Trū Wellness’ proprietary hemp extract, which is understandable since there is conflicting information about this particular plant extract. Be Trū Wellness only uses USA grown organic hemp oil that has been extracted from the stalks of the male hemp plant so it is 100% non-psychoactive and contains ZERO illegal plant compounds.

Third party testing to ensure purity

Our hemp oil is tested by a 3rd party to ensure its purity, and also to ensure that it is free from harmful chemicals or heavy metals. This process is completed before a single product is made using this ingredient!


Once the proprietary hemp oil is used to make products, the finished product is tested to verify its cleanliness before we label and distribute it to our customers. One thing to keep in mind if you’re traveling on an airplane: Be Trū BODY Pain Relief Cream and SOUL Spray are both considered liquids, however, they are under the 4 oz. limit that TSA requires for you to check with your luggage. This means you can take them in your carry-on as long as they are sealed in a clear plastic bag when taken through security checkpoints.

For more information about traveling with our great products as well as other similar products check out a comprehensive article at Dr Frank’s website – thanks for the shoutout Dr. Frank!

Take along a Be Trū BODY Pain Relief Patch when you travel

So don’t forget to include any and all of your favorite Be Trū Wellness products when packing for your next trip…in fact, we encourage it! You will be glad you did!


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