Tina Hollands Testimonial

On August 15, 2014 I had brain surgery to remove a tumor and during surgery had a stroke. Originally, I purchased the cream to help relax my forearm muscles that were causing my hand to clench in a fist. I have been regularly getting Botox injections to help. Botox helps approximately 10 weeks but muscle tightness returns it’s a vicious cycle. Not a fan of all the chemicals my body receives from Botox.

I don’t usually have pain but one morning I woke up with my hip pain and getting into and out of the car became difficult without assisting my leg. So last week I used the Body Cream and after 4 applications the pain had significantly, decreased. I continue to notice improvements in my hand/fingers and Botox is at end of it’s course and usually my hand continues to be relaxed. My hip feels great and I no longer have to assist my leg into and out of car. Thank you for sharing your product with the masses. Looking forward to the other Be Trū products.


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