Ten Things Be Trū Learned at #ExpoWest

Julie Wilson at Expo West 2018 Be Tru Wellness store

Last week, the Be Trū Wellness team had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Olympics of trade shows…ExpoWest 2018. 

It was so much fun talking to people about all of the Be Trū Wellness products and we were BUSY! Be Trū had a sampling booth, a booth in the Natural Products Pavilion AND we were represented at the UNFI booth, Select Nutrition.

Here are Ten Things Be Trū Learned at Expo West 2018:

  1. Everyone loves the BODY Pain Relief Cream, even other exhibitors came to our booth every morning to have their “daily fix” so they could get relief from standing and walking all day!
  2. Former NBA Player John Salley stopped by the booth to tell us how much he LOVED the BODY Pain Relief Cream, he even sat down and took off his shoes to apply the cream to the foot he had surgery on, then later high fived us for how awesome it was! (more like a “low five” since he towers over all of us! ha!)
  3. Everyone loved our packaging
  4. We received an award from The Gentle Barn for Corporate Social Responsibility – stay tuned for an upcoming article about our partnership with The Gentle Barn
  5. Our distributors said there was a huge buzz about Be Trū in their booths around our products
  6. We gave away more than 100,000 samples throughout the entire show!
  7. People loved that they can easily travel with Be Trū Wellness products so they could take them home with them
  8. Many people said they had already heard about us or seen us online and in stores – here’s the link to shop Be Trū Wellness online.
  9. We received compliments on our staff and how knowledgeable each of us were on our products and technology.
  10. We heard lots of people say how concerned they were with the current opiate epidemic and how happy they are that Be Trū is now available and is a non-addictive way to relieve pain!

It’s so exciting to come back to the office after such an incredible experience. We learned so much and are so very proud of our team, products and corporate integrity. Thank you all so much!

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