Take The Edge Off Those Aches & Pains and Enjoy Life

The mind is willing, but the body is well… hurtin’ just a bit.

Let’s be honest here for a minute, and look at the facts. Did you know that the grandchildren of today weigh about 20 pounds more than your children did at the very same age? Also, kitchen cupboards are a full six inches higher than they used to be when the plates were supposed to go on the top shelf. Research has indicated that shovels weigh an additional 10 pounds from what they used to weigh back in the day when the snow on the driveway was a lot lighter. It’s common knowledge that the roots of weeds in the garden today are 25% stronger than they once were when your back didn’t hurt after a day in the yard.  

Take the edge off those aches and pains - aging gracefully

Life is Full

Ok, you get the point.  While life is as full as it has always been, we have to admit that our bodies are not quite what they used to be.  I mean, they have pulled a pretty good shift the last 50+ years… right?  There is no shame in acknowledging that we’ve all got a few more aches and pains going on than we once did. So, you have a couple of choices to take the edge off the pain. 

One option could be to give up all those things that you love, and finally have time to enjoy: the vegetable garden, the fly fishing, the bike rides, hikes in the woods, walking the dog, swimming a few laps in the pool, playing with the grandkids and swinging sticks on the back 9…

Give all that up? Are you kidding?

No… thankfully there is another option. How would you like to experience the activities that bring you joy, while at the same time taking the edge off the aches and pains that might otherwise slow you down? This is where Be Trū Wellness™ comes in.

Our driving ambition is to provide our clients with pain relieving solutions for the aches, sprains, bumps and bruises you might feel after a weekend of fun. Moreover, we pride ourselves on offering products that are all-natural, and pose no threat of addiction. We invite you to take a look at our on-line catalogue of natural supplements that are designed to help give your body the little boost it needs to keep going strong.  

Take The Edge Off Those Aches & Pains and Enjoy Life

Your head and your heart aren’t missing a beat so… let’s make sure the body plays along!  

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