Plant-Based Medicine, Or Poison?

Here’s yet another amazing benefit of hemp: it pulls chemicals, radiation, and pollution of all sorts out of the soil. It regenerates the land and detoxifies the earth. The process is called  “phyto-remediation” and has even been used to clean up the radioactive nuclear waste in Chernobyl, Ukraine following the 1986 nuclear reactor meltdown. This is important to know if you are ingesting hemp-based products because if the hemp being used has been harvested near dirty or contaminated soil, those contaminants could most certainly be in your products!!!! This could potentially turn something meant to be a very powerful plant-based ‘medicine’ into a harmful toxin. 

Be Tru Wellness Uses Certified Organic Hemp

This is the number one reason why we only use the extract from Certified Organic hemp in all of our Be Trū Wellness’ products! The soil is tested, then the harvested hemp plants are tested, and finally our finished products are tested by a 3rd party lab to ensure there are absolutely NO chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, pollution, or residue from contaminants in the products we offer to our customers!

Hemp Bio Fuel-plant-based or poison?

Plant-Based Medicine, Or Poison?

If you decide to start adding hemp products to your daily routine, whether it’s food, oil, seeds, or supplements, please make sure they ONLY come from Certified Organic hemp! Organic hemp will ensure you are getting all of the amazing nutrients for your body, without all the harmful chemicals coming along with it…

Be Trū to your body, and Be Trū to the earth! Order online today.

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