In a world where companies construe a brand story just to appear altruistic, very few come from the seed of authenticity such as Be Trū Wellness™.

39-year-old Sean Entin was wrestling with his Navy Seal friends in October 2011. He didn’t know it at the time, but his right carotid artery had been crushed during a chokehold, this resulted in a massive stroke 6 weeks later on Black Friday. Doctors used a stint to remove a peach size blood clot from his neck, but his brain’s swelling continued despite his body being iced down. A fist sized piece of Sean’s skull was removed and placed inside his abdomen to keep the skull piece alive while allowing his brain to swell. He was put in a 10-day medically induced coma, and it was believed he would die, or at the very least, be paralyzed with loss of the ability to see, hear, or speak.

Sean recovered, made some progress, and became addicted to several opioid drugs for the intense pain. With two young daughters and successful career that he’d taken two companies public, he began a search for something better to regain a life free of pain, drugs, and improve his mind and mobility. He eventually was introduced to hemp oil, which helped him get off all the drugs and drastically improved his mobility and mental sharpness.

It was around this time he was introduced to former NFL player Eben Britton, and they became friends that inadvertently led to a mission. 29-year-old Eben Britton was an All American offensive tackle at University of Arizona, and an astounding 39th overall pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars where he spent four seasons before heading to the Chicago Bears for the final two seasons of his career. Eben suffered a laundry list of injuries including a dislocated shoulder (torn labrum), herniated discs and sciatica, as well as a handful of concussions though his six year career. 

Unimaginable is the muscle, joint, and body pain that an NFL player endures after years of abusive injuries and then playing with those injuries. In Eben’s case, the best-of-the-best offensive tackle, he took down Clay Matthews, Junior Seau, and everyone in between and experienced a career of repeated head pounding. To combat the daily grind of total body and head pain Eben took massive amounts of NSAIDs and opiates. 

As an athlete, Eben’s intuitive response to the synthetic drugs drove him to search for a more holistic approach to his healing.  An approach that begins with natural remedies such as hemp extracts. Sean became an avid speaker for stroke organizations, had his story chronicled on ABC news, went on to create his nonprofit “Move To Improve Foundation” to help other stroke survivors. Eben became a writer and advocate promoting his incredible results.

Their mutual calling eventually led them to Julie Wilson ... Julie is a passionate entrepreneur who created and marketed her own line of organic, herbal products. She began to study herbs more than 15 years ago, after she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. When doctors told her she needed to have a piece of her intestines removed, and would have to endure a lifetime of such surgeries until eventually requiring the use a of colostomy bag, she decided to seek a holistic approach. Julie not only avoided these surgeries, but no longer has any signs of Crohn’s. Julie sold her first supplement company 3 years ago to focus on raising her son, and began writing and doing podcasts promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Julie's retirement didn’t last long …

The conversations that ensued between Sean, Eben, and Julie seemed to have 3 common denominators:

1. The overwhelming desire to educate others about what each of them has discovered that changed their life.

2. Belief that so many are suffering without the hope of finding a better way.

3. Plant-based medicine, specifically hemp oil. With so many unregulated subpar hemp products on the market, they decided to hire chemists to produce their own proprietary hemp extract and a special blend of terpenes that would set the bar as the gold standard. One year later, Be Trū Wellness™ was launched, and so was their deeply held slogan:

Making lives better.

We believe in nurturing the body from the inside out. Pain is your body’s way of communicating with you. It’s time to listen to your body and take control, naturally. Your journey to wellness begins with taking care of you. Lifestyle changes and Be Trū Wellness™ natural products work together to help you feel your best. And, our Be Trū family is here to support you along your journey to wellness.

Our Team

Keith Gordon, Chief Executive Officer

A born innovator and businessman, Keith Gordon has been developing and launching successful companies for the last 30 years. He is currently a partner at Oso Natural Beverages based in Los Angeles and also owns a distribution company that fulfills products for powerhouses like Brookstone and Keith was diagnosed with Celiac Disease five years ago, which caused severe allergies and pain throughout his entire body. He wanted a more natural approach to help alleviate the pain he was experiencing, so Keith started taking a special blend of herbal supplements and a daily regimen of natural hemp-based supplements. The results he saw inspired him to create Be Trū Organics, a line of products that would have a positive impact on people’s lives. Keith currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.

Julie Wilson, President

Julie Wilson Gordon is originally from Parkersburg, WV. She relocated to Greensboro, NC and started working as a Marketing Director for a local Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer. Her passion for health came after enduring severe gastrointestinal disorders and stress that resulted from being a single mother and working nonstop. After several years of relying on doctors and prescription meds, she decided to do some research on natural ways to heal the body. After just 6 months of implementing severe changes to her diet and lifestyle, she felt like an entirely new person. 

This bred within her a deep passion to share her knowledge with the world, and continue to research the miraculous powers that lie within plant foods and herbs.

In 2008 she decided to quit working for Harley-Davidson and formed an herbal company called Raw-Nation. Her company’s debut product, Hot Rawks, was the first and only raw, certified organic libido enhancement supplement on the market. 

Julie’s commitment to quality organic products combined with an edgy, mainstream marketing campaign helped her achieve national publicity and led to exposure on Sirius Radio, Fox television, Don Imus, ESPN, and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, just to name a few.

In 2013, Julie accepted an offer to sell Raw-Nation so she could enjoy the fruits of her labor and focus on her family. She relocated to Los Angeles where she soon met former NFL player Eben Britton, and stroke survivor Sean Entin, who had miraculously transformed their health using non-psychoactive hemp extract. Julie’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited once again, and together they formed Be Trū Organics.

Julie’s goal as President of Be Trū Organics is to help people get off harmful prescription drugs and promote overall wellness through organic and natural products and supplements. Julie resides in Los Angeles with her husband and teenage son.

Eben Britton, Co-Founder

Born and raised in New York, Eben played football with University of Arizona Wildcats on a scholarship, where he majored in Creative Writing. After college, Eben was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he played four years as a starting offensive lineman and finished his career with the Chicago Bears. While in Jacksonville, Eben founded a wellness studio, Omvelo, with his mother. He has taken advantage of his talent as a writer, reporting for Playboy® Magazine and Sports Illustrated®. He is currently a frontrunner in the legalization of medical marijuana and its benefits to promote a holistic, healthy, and balanced life. Multi-talented and creative, his roles have included motivational speaker, writer, journalist, creative director, high school football coach, and overall positive vibration integrator. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Brittany, and daughter Sandy.

Sean Entin, Co-Founder

Sean is a seasoned entrepreneur and business development expert, and the founder of several companies, many of which he helped take public. On the morning of November 25, 2011, He had a stroke from a massive blood clot in his carotid artery. This incident has led to Sean’s ongoing work with people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and other near-fatal incidents. Since his stroke, Sean has started the Move 2 Improve Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing outpatient physical and psychological rehabilitation and community reentry services. Sean is an advocate for CBD, having used it to successfully assist with his post-stroke rehabilitation. So effective, in fact, that he completely stopped taking any and all pharmaceutical pain medications that lead to adverse side effects and now completely relies on Be Trū Organics products to control pain and body inflammation. Sean resides in Los Angeles where he co-founded Be Trū Organics and serves as the Chief Marketing officer.

Brad Halpern, Chief Marketing Officer

Brad single-handedly created the nearly $1 Billion retail egg white industry with his 1993 company, Eggology that pioneered the entire liquid egg white  category for retail and restaurants.  He marketed his company on a grand scale that included Oprah, Howard Stern, The NY Times, a featured segment on History Channel’s Modern Marvels, and Jay Leno famously drinking Eggology raw on The Tonight Show. 

Eggology became the brand leader available everywhere from Whole Foods, Costco and 7-Eleven. Brad's company offered the first cage free and organic egg whites and was one of the first to provide home delivery by successfully shipping refrigerated products. A consummate innovator, he invented on-the-go egg whites that scramble in the microwave, and other high protein foods made with egg whites.  He sold Eggology in 2015. 

Brad won the Western Restaurant Association’s “Innovator Of The Year” award, Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur Of The Year” semi-finalist, and named #17 of the “50 People Who Changed the Worldwide Egg Industry.” 

His passion to change the world continued in 2013 when he was elected to City Council for the City of Westlake Village, CA and in 2016 elected as it’s Mayor.  Brad’s enthusiasm for his family and life is only equaled by his commitment for making lives better. 

Warren Sapp

Charismatic and loquacious, Sapp is a Super Bowl Champion, Pro-Football Hall of Famer, Sports Media Analyst, Author, Social Media Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Disruptor and Philanthropist.  He is recognized as one of the best defensive linemen in NFL history.

In the 1995 NFL Draft, Sapp was chosen 12th overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and it took him just two years to be named to his first Pro Bowl in 1997. He was named Defensive Player of the Year (1999), NFL All Decade Team and recorded 77 sacks, the second highest in team history. In 2002, Sapp led the Buccaneers-as the league’s top defensive team-to capture the NFC South Title with the best record in team history (12-4). The Bucs went on to defeat the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII.

In 2004, Sapp signed with the Oakland Raiders. After an injury-plagued season in ’05, Sapp returned to his All-Pro form in 2006. Sapp played one more season with the Raiders in ’07 before announcing his retirement on Jan. 4, 2008.  After 13 years in the NFL and an accumulation of injuries, Sapp suffered from chronic pain and stiffness. In search of an alternative to anti-inflammatory pills, Sapp discovered Be Trū Organics BODY Cream, found relief and became a part of the company.