Opioid Crisis Causes More Patients to Seek Alternative Ways to Manage Pain

LOS ANGELES, CA — Nov. 2, 2017 — This week President Trump declared the current opioid crisis a public health emergency resulting in a list of recommendations from his commission, including tougher restrictions on prescriptions and more prescriber training.

Opioid crisis declared public health emergency.

This has caused some fear to circulate amongst certain patients who suffer from chronic pain and have been using prescription pain killers for extended periods of time. They are afraid they might not have access to the same amount of prescriptions, and since the body builds a tolerance to these types of drugs over time, the dosage must continually go up to provide the same relief.

Be Trū Wellness, Inc., a company creating powerful homeopathic formulas using their own signature nano-amplified hemp extract with a variety of other herbs, is committed to helping people find relief without the risk of addiction and overdose. 

Each product is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and is designed to help support the body in dealing with pain, inflammation, fatigue, anxiety, focus, and concentration, and is 100% free of THC, drugs, chemicals, toxins, or addictive substances.

Alternative Ways to Manage Pain - Opioid Crisis

“We are saddened by the current opiate epidemic ruling this country. We wanted to create products that could give people another option in managing their pain, without getting them high.”

says Julie Wilson Gordon, President of Be Trū Organics. “We feel that masking symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs for extended periods of time can negatively impact your quality of life. We want to help people find a better alternative if at all possible.”

And helping people they are. The testimonials have been pouring in, and they even joined forces with Dr. Gerald Ballough, Professor of Biology at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, to conduct clinical trials using their products. So far the preliminary results have been nothing short of extraordinary. “We are excited to be involved in this research,” says Dr. Ballough,“while our findings are preliminary, we are highly encouraged by our results using Be Trū Organics.”

For more information about Be Trū Wellness, please email julie@betruwellness.com or call 818.404.7715.

If you need help with opioid addiction, please call the National Opiate Hotline at: 888.784.6641 or visit their website: http://www.nationalopiatehotline.com 

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