Nanotechnology – What’s It All About?

Nano… what?

Science guru, Eric Seeger at How Stuff Works begins the answer to that question with a riddle:

“What’s so small that you can’t see it, but it’s smart enough to run your iPad, or deliver nutrients directly into your cells? If your answer was a microscopic Dr. Sanjay Gupta, well, you’d be right — in a weird way. But the answer we’re looking for here is nanotechnology.

No matter how much we hear about it, nanotech remains something of a mystery. We can’t see it, and we certainly can’t feel it. Scientists say it will be in our medicine, but it’s odd to think of something measured only in nanometers saving your life.”

The pros and cons of nanotechnology

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The National Center for Biotechnology Institute is involved in studying the benefits and risks of nanotechnology and has published many studies about the pros and cons of this new technology, especially in the field of using nanotechnology for more efficient delivery of pharmaceuticals in medical research. For more information about this study and others related to nanotechnology conducted by NCBI read this article:

Unique benefits of nanotechnology to drug delivery and diagnostics

As with any new technology, there are some concerns about it being dangerous. And it appears that the concerns about nanotechnology within the medical delivery mechanisms are related to particles attaching to heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides or other harmful toxins. While it’s true that nano-sized particles that are toxic can be dangerous, if the particles are clean and free of heavy metals then they can be very effective at making plant-based nutrients more bioavailable.

Be a smart shopper
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