To all Editors, Publishers, Marketers, Resellers, Bloggers, and Webmasters: You are free to republish any of Be Trū Wellness™ powerful content free of charge, just simply abide by the following rules:

  • Articles: Republishing of articles is simple. You must include attribution of the author (s) when noted and the following short paragraph, in the same font size and visibility as posted here: “This article appears courtesy of Be Trū Wellness™, the world’s most trusted source for high-quality hemp products. Find out more about Be Trū Wellness™ at:” You MUST link the Be Trū Wellness™ website to the web address in that sentence.
  • Videos and Audio: Videos and audio may NOT be republished under any circumstances on your website. However, you may put a link that directs people to the respective Be Trū Wellness™ page to view the video or listen to the audio on our website.



  • Be Trū Wellness™ is a pending registered trademark and therefore must contain the ™ symbol after the word “Wellness” anywhere it is written. This means the application has been filed and we will be able to switch to a registered trademark in about one year.
  • Be Trū Wellness™ contains a macron (line) over the “u”, so please make sure to always include it in written correspondence.
  • All 3 products are called MIND, BODY and SOUL. When writing these please make sure they are capitalized. (ex: Be Trū Wellness™ MIND Dots, Be Trū Wellness™ SOUL Spray, Be Trū Wellness™ BODY Cream, FOCUS, ENERGY, DREAM)
  • Be Trū is always to be separated as two separate words, never put it together into one word (i.e. “BeTru”)
  • In referencing any of the benefits of Be Trū Wellness™ products, no one should never make any false claims about our products, such as (but not limited to) the following: Stating it can cure, prevent, diagnose, treat, or reverse diseases of any kind; stating it can be used in conjunction with prescription medication (customers must be informed that they need to seek approval from their doctor prior to using our products or ANY other herbal supplement for that matter).




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