Maintenance Worker Testimonial

I work in maintenance hardware sales around folks that don’t take very good care of themselves, but are doing very hard manual labor. You can only imagine the aches and pains that these folks have! For example, there is one woman who works in Winston-Salem that I have interacted with on many occasions. She is not in the best shape, and for months I have watched her mobility decline. She can barely walk and is always in pain, which keeps her awake at night and overall detracts from her quality of life. At a recent visit to the doctor, she was informed that her arthritis was so bad that she would need a hip replacement and both knees replaced. Feeling desperate, she asked me, a long-time Be Tru customer, for some advice.

I had an extra order on the way, which I gave to her last week. After only a week of use, it was amazing to see the difference in her. She was smiling, walking better, and was honestly 1000% better than even a week before. I had several people in the plant come up to me and thank me for whatever I had done to help her get relief. I thought this was pretty amazing. I love your products and they do amazing things for me and keep me going in my busy life. Thank you so much for coming up with these awesome products!

—Maintenance Hardware Worker, Winston-Salem, NC

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