Lessons From The Longevity Now® Conference

Be Trū Wellness was honored to be a sponsor of the 2018 Longevity Now® Conference held in April in Anaheim, California. It was inspiring to connect with thousands of like-minded individuals whose objectives for the conference were to “Learn Grow and Laugh” by transforming our bodies with information, movement and community.

Here are our top ten takeaways from the 2018 Longevity Now® Conference:

  1. David Wolfe and Julie WilsonThe Longevity Now® Conference was created by best selling author and natural health advocate David Wolfe, who is interestingly the first person who introduced Be Trū Co-founder, Julie Wilson, to the idea of using foods and plants to heal the body. She transformed her health and life by applying many of his suggestions and ultimately led to her creating her first supplement company. 10 years later, David Wolfe still continues to research and bring new information to the masses.
  2. More and more people in the mainstream are gravitating towards David and his teachings, and taking control of their health through healthier lifestyle choices. (Superfoods, Biodynamic foods, herbs, etc…) People are more open than ever before to finding natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs.
  3. Everyone seems to know someone with chronic pain and they are continually searching for drug-free solutions that are effective.
  4. Astragalus root is a strong adaptogen…a pioneer in its environment. This is one reason why we decided to put it in our SOUL spray.
  5. Single herbs are seldom used in ancient Chinese medicine…the art of herbalism comes in when you combine several substances to maintain balance. This is why we use a variety of superfoods in our Be Trū products, not just hemp!
  6. We are now being exposed to the greatest amount of toxic chemicals ever in the history of mankind…simply taking a multivitamin and eating healthy is just not enough to supplement our bodies and counteract our environment at this point. We MUST consume more superfoods, super plants (such as hemp), herbs, probiotics, and organic vegetables, and we need to regularly detoxify the body and nervous system with things such as charcoal, infra red saunas, and fasting.
  7. Adding healthy oils to our diet actually helps increase absorption of nutrients.
  8. Vitamin D deficiency is at an all-time high…Vitamin D3 is vital for our bodies and brains and deficiency has been proven to play a role in nervous system disorders and mental health disorders. It’s essential to supplement if you aren’t getting enough sun exposure. (Our MIND Daily Gummy Chews are infused with Vitamin D3!)
  9. The best foods to maintain your gut bacteria: beans, mushrooms, raw green vegetables, raw onion. These foods help the beneficial gut flora stay attached to the walls of the intestines and therefore make probiotic supplements/foods/drinks, be more effective.
  10. It seemed that everyone was familiar with the nutritional power of hemp and was so excited to sample Be Trū products since our formulas contain additional superfoods without ANY psychoactive plant compounds.

Check out any of our great Be Trū Wellness™ products and see what all the excitement is about.

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