Julie Wilson Appears on Evangeline Hemrick’s Podcast

Julie Wilson on Evangeline Hemrick's latest podcast, Inside The Healing Room

Julie Wilson, guest on Evangeline Hemrick’s podcast, Inside the Healing Room.

In this episode of Evangeline Hemrick’s podcast, Inside the Healing Room, Julie Wilson Founder of Be Trū Wellness shares her story of healing and transformation. Julie speaks candidly about her health crisis wake up call, and how she empowered herself to heal her life.

Learn about Julie’s unique way of changing the world and making lives better: promoting awareness and healing through strategic marketing and a style that’s all her own. She also discussed the challenges of entrepreneurship while being a single mom and how to break free from limiting belief systems that hold us back.

Evangeline Hemrick's podcast

Listen to Evangeline’s interview with Julie Wilson Gordon, and use your 15% OFF coupon (code included in the podcast) to save when you order your favorite Be Trū Wellness products.

Get your healing journey started today.

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