Goji Berries

Goji berries are perhaps the most nutritionally-dense berry on the planet. They contain 19 different amino acids, 22 trace minerals, essential fatty acids, and are rich in B vitamins.

Research has shown that the goji berry is loaded with age defying, disease preventing antioxidants. Its ORAC value (the value a food is given for its protective potency) is far higher than any other berry.

Goji berries help our bodies produce choline, an essential nutrient that combats free-radical damage linked to neurological degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease. They are full of anti-aging compounds, and are known to support the adrenal glands and kidneys.

As we grow older, we produce less and less Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which can lead to cellular degeneration linked with aging. HGH is a protein-based hormone that assists with the production of cells and growth, and also strengthens the immune system, promotes anti-aging, cell repair, increased energy, and stamina.

Goji Berries stimulate your pineal gland to increase the production of HGH. They are also packed with L-Arginine and L-Glutamine, another two amino acids that increase your HGH production.

Goji berries also contain the two most important nutrients for healthy vision: lutein and zeaxanthin.

Goji berries support the body to effectively deal with emotional, physical, and environmental stress. They especially support the adrenal glands, which tend to become exhausted and overworked through stress.  References