From Pedal Power to Salsa, Downward Dog & Spin; 60 is the New 50

How does that go again — “60 is the new 50?”  Or was it, “70 is the new 60?” In either case… we get the point!  How grateful should we be that we live in a time in which extending the quality of our lives into our senior years — the fulfillment we get from living vibrantly and actively — has never been more accessible? 

enjoy life pain free on a bike with Be Trū Wellness products

Pedal Power to Salsa, Downward Dog and Spin

Just look around for a few days and observe the transformation taking place right under our noses: trails are full of seniors enjoying an afternoon of pedal-power on a bike …  studios are full of seniors learning the Salsa or refreshing those sweet Big Band dance moves from their 20’s. Yoga classes full to the brim, with 25 and 70 year-olds side by side on their mats, sharing a smile as they twist out of Downward Dog and into that dreaded plank position.

Friendly ‘hellos’ are shared by old colleagues on hiking trails, in spin classes, and at 5K run-walk races for a charity organizations.  We could go on and on, but the bottom line is that many seniors today are living exceptional lives, and extending their enjoyment of being fit and active to a level well beyond that of any previous generation.   

Make it clear to Mother Nature… Your spirit is strong.

At Be Trū Wellness™, we celebrate and congratulate each and every one of you for modeling to your peers, your children and, yes, your grandchildren (they are watching even though they only communicate via text message these days!) what it means to live a full and rich live into the senior years.  But that is not all — you have made the conscious decision to attend your physical and mental wellness, making it clear to Mother Nature that your spirit is strong, and your resolve to milk every drop out of this life is alive and well!

We salute you!

And more than that, we want to be a companion for you as you seek the joy that an active life has to offer. Be Trū Wellness™ exists to support our clients, doing our part to help you minimize discomfort, and support your vitality and vigor. We’ll strive to be a resource for information about caring for your physical and mental well-being. Our goal is to supply our clients with non-addictive, natural products that research indicates works in harmony with the the body’s physiological systems to regulate and ensure your ongoing health.

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Let’s keep living the good life, together!

Questions about how to keep your activity level high and strong well into your 60’s and beyond?  We have answers!

Here’s what others have to say… Cheers to 60 is the new 50! We at Be Trū Wellness™ are cheering for us all to keep living the good life, together!

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