I didn’t want to let you know how the BeTru pain relief cream worked until I used it for more then a couple of weeks & I can honestly say- I have arthritis, chronic nerve pain & suffer because I’m sick of taking pills that don’t work & no, I’m not addicted as I’ve seen people become-I pretty much stopped everything & cry in pain- I’ve tried it all- My spine hurts so much and the pain goes down to my elbow due to nerve pain- this is the 1st time I can say Wow- it’s a miracle and works!!! I talk so much about it that my sister who is a R.N. with a B.S.N & 2 other degrees is gonna order it for her & patients!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!! It’s a miracle & Thank you Thank you Thank you for making my life a little easier & less painful without pills!


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