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Super Pain Pack

Super Pain Pack

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Be Trū Wellness™ Super Pain Pack The trifecta of pain relief! Enjoy one of each of these Be Trū products in one convenient pack: BODY Pain Relief Cream with timed-released, nano-sized Cebatrū™ hemp extract, non-toxic, self-adhesive waterproof BODY Pain Relief patch, and last but not least, our powerful SOUL Oral Spray, infused with Canatrū™ and powerful superfoods ginseng, astragalus, and goji berry extract. If we could put a cape on this Super Pain Pack, we would!


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All 3 products for ultimate Pain Relief support!

RELIEVE your BODY with our topical time-released BODY Pain Relief Cream and BODY Pain Relief Patch, and RESTORE your SOUL with super bioavailable intra-oral SOUL spray, just 3 sprays under your tongue twice daily.

Non-toxic, gluten-free, NON-GMO, drug-free.

The Super Pack is not eligible for any other discounts including the autoship option.