BODY: Pain Relief Patch

Chronic pain? Don’t let it stop you.

Is severe localized pain interrupting your daily life? We developed this High Performance Pain Relief Patch, especially for those who are on-the-go and need to target specific areas… all day long. Our self-adhesive waterproof BODY Pain Relief Patch contains menthol, lidocaine, local anesthetic and Be Trū Wellness™ proprietary full-spectrum hemp extract.

We micro-encapsulate organic hemp extract into nano-sized particles, so you get faster, more noticeable results—at time released intervals for up to 12 hours. Each pouch contains 50mg of hemp extract.

Athletes love the long-lasting pain relief patches because they’re waterproof and sweat-proof.

We developed this product for professional athletes, week-end warriors, service personnel and first responders—who deal with chronic pain, and need a product that won’t cloud their mind, and one that will stay in place during periods of sustained activity.

The patches are thin and almost transparent, so they are easy to disguise. Patches can be easily cut into smaller pieces and affixed to the wrist or the bottom of your feet, for all-day pain relief that’s virtually undetectable.

The patch is made from medium density polyethylene which is non-toxic and BPA-free. Each four by five inch pouch contains two individual patches. Just peel off adhesive and press in place. The adhesive is strong so it wont slip, but can be removed with warm water and soap, or rubbing alcohol.

Have you tried Be Tru Wellness™ products?

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a money-back guarantee. Really! We source our raw materials carefully, and monitor every step of production. Be Trū Wellness™ ingredients are organic, non-GMO and free of addictive substances, harmful pesticides and toxic chemicals.

Read more about nano-encapsulated hemp extract and our revolutionary delivery system.

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