At only 1½ years old my mom and dad noticed divots forming in my head.  Two weeks later on 3/31/17, I was diagnosed with masticatory muscle myositis (MMM), an autoimmune system disorder that rapidly disintegrates muscles in my jaw, skull and neck…. where I won’t be able to open my mouth or swallow--- and there is no cure.

My veterinarian put me on the drug Prednisone, which made me feel and act like a zombie.   Within 10 days of diagnosis my head looked skeletal, my eyes tearing endlessly because muscles keeping my eyeballs forward were gone, and I began the vomiting my food due to deterioration of muscle around my esophagus making it difficult to push food down.

My parents were so upset they stepped me down and off the Prednisone, and began spraying Be Trū Organics Soul Spray in my mouth twice a day.   After a week they kept looking at me and saying, “I think his head looks better”.  Within 2-3 weeks it was obvious that my head had nearly returned to normal and I was feeling perfect again.   My parents continue to give me Be Trū Organics everyday, and I even like the taste.