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After playing 13yrs in the NFL my body has had a toll taken on it. Being double teamed every Sunday wasn't easy and getting up the following Monday was even harder. Now after all the accumulative hits over years I was at my end with pain and stiffness and wasn't gonna take any more pills (anti-inflammatories). Be Trū Organics BODY Cream has given me back a pep in my step!

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I am extremely dependent on my hands since I stay busy as a chiropractor. At the end of the day, my hands are usually throbbing with pain. Since I started using Be Trū Organics BODY Cream my hands feel amazing, I am no longer in pain! I am recommending this cream to all of my patients.


This stuff works great. I have been given several prescriptions for pain cream that I would have to have a compounding pharmacy make. It was not covered by insurance and was between $250-$1,000, depending on where we were living at the time. It contained all kinds of bad stuff and would even, at times, make me loopy like I was high, which I didn't like. Your stuff works just as well if not better for my pain! No more doctor visits and co-pays and no more fighting with the insurance company and spending tons of money, and no more rubbing toxins on my body! Thank you Be Trū!


My name is Stephanie Shelsta and I am a retired Youth Pastor, now full time caregiver for my disabled son, Taylor. I have bone spurs in my left shoulder joint which causes severe pain in my shoulder and then generates muscle spasms into my upper back and neck. I experienced almost immediate muscle spasm and pain relief after apply your Be Trū Organics BODY pain relief cream….I was shocked at how quickly it worked and how long the relief lasted!


I suffer from frequent chronic pain in both my feet for the last 21 years, since I suffered tremendous damage on them on a 55 foot vertical fall, shattering both of my feet and incurring in an incomplete spinal cord injury. I recently started using the Be Trū BODY Cream to try to reduce in some extent the shooting pains that I experience often times due to excess of staying up on my feet or also weather induced (barometric pressure) . For the last few weeks I have been applying the cream in both my feet at nights, and I believe I have less morning pain because of it. I have faith in this product and I believe that it will help me in the long run.


I have a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder and I refuse to get surgery to correct it. I am 78-years-young and I do not want to have to go through surgery at my age. I started putting the Be Trū Organics BODY Cream on my shoulder and within two days my pain had completely subsided and I have full range of motion which I did not have before.


I work with people who are suffering from chronic pain everyday, and the #1 thing everyone is looking for is non-psychoactive pain relief. I have found this in BeTru Wellness. For my clients who are willing to use hemp extract, this has been an extremely helpful product and one that have I recommended frequently, especially to people who suffer from degenerative joint disease. I use BeTru on my hands after massaging all day and have seen a real reduction in cramping and joint pain since I have started using it regularly. I have never experienced or have had any of my clients report any psycho-active effects using BeTru, only pain relief and reduction of swelling. The cream itself comes on clean, has no odor and doesn’t feel heavy or oily after application. I could not have asked for a better product for myself or for my clients. Thank You Be Trū!



Simply amazing product. My neck pain after applying the Be Trū BODY Cream goes away completely in just minutes. My middle back and lower back has arthritis. The pain in my neck is from surgery May 2005 and an accident on Dec 9, 2015 - I need surgery on my neck I was told- I need to do another epideral for my lower back - but I do not think I will do the surgery or epideral. If Be Trū works like it has in just a few days for sure NO Surgery and NO epideral. I was told by doctors who performed the neck surgery that I would always be in pain the rest of my life. And I have have been living on NORCO pain killers since. I think I could live without NORCO after using Be Trū. Once the Cream is applied, the pain is almost completely gone after about 10 minutes. I could live this way for sure. Great product. So far I have to use it 4 times a day. I think I could stop using painkillers right now. I have only been using Be Trū a few days. It really works great. Be Trū hit the jackpot with this product for me.

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After years of playing football and heavy weightlifting I suffered from bone spurs in my cervical spine that gave me a nasty headache and neck stiffness. I used to take several ibuprofen a day to deal with my neck pain but after trying Be Trū BODY Cream I have been able to get off over the counter anti-inflammatories. Now whenever I feel that tightness start to creep up my neck I just rub a little of the BODY cream on it. This stuff works!


I had a condition on my back that resembled shingles. The pain and itching were extremely uncomfortable. I tried several over-the-counter drugs and ointments with no relief. I discovered Be Trū Organics BODY Cream and not only did I experience immediate relief from the pain and itching but also got relief from the pain I was experiencing due to a pinched nerve in my neck! I will be ordering more of this stuff asap!


I didn't want to let you know how the BeTru pain relief cream worked until I used it for more then a couple of weeks & I can honestly say- I have arthritis, chronic nerve pain & suffer because I'm sick of taking pills that don't work & no, I'm not addicted as I've seen people become-I pretty much stopped everything & cry in pain- I've tried it all- My spine hurts so much and the pain goes down to my elbow due to nerve pain- this is the 1st time I can say Wow- it's a miracle and works!!! I talk so much about it that my sister who is a R.N. with a B.S.N & 2 other degrees is gonna order it for her & patients!!! I can't thank you enough!!!! It's a miracle & Thank you Thank you Thank you for making my life a little easier & less painful without pills!

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On August 15, 2014 I had brain surgery to remove a tumor and during surgery had a stroke. Originally, I purchased the cream to help relax my forearm muscles that were causing my hand to clench in a fist. I have been regularly getting Botox injections to help. Botox helps approximately 10 weeks but muscle tightness returns it's a vicious cycle. Not a fan of all the chemicals my body receives from Botox. 

I don't usually have pain but one morning I woke up with my hip pain and getting into and out of the car became difficult without assisting my leg. So last week I used the Body Cream and after 4 applications the pain had significantly, decreased. I continue  to notice improvements in my hand/fingers and Botox is at end of it's course and usually my hand continues to be relaxed. My hip feels great and I no longer have to assist my leg into and out of car. Thank you for sharing your product with the masses. Looking forward to the other Be Trū products. 


COLIN K., Los Angeles, CA

"I used the BODY Pain Relief Cream before a 4.2 mile race. It helped immensely with my lower back pain, and allowed me to finish the race in personal record time. What impressed me the most about the product was its ability to reduce pain almost instantly, and to provide pain relief throughout the day after just one use, an indication that the high quality ingredients can create an ideal effect for patients.

—COLIN K., Los Angeles, CA

“I have been a manicurist for over 30 years.  Over that time, I have developed pain in my hands, wrists and forearms.  I can barely sleep some nights.   The pain had gotten so bad, the doctors and I had started planning a surgery since nothing else worked.  A dear friend of mine recommended I give Be Trū Organics a try and although I was skeptical, I decided to because I had nothing to lose.  I am so happy to share I have not experienced any pain since I began using this product and have told my doctors I am not interested in the surgeries.  This product has changed my life.”


I have a nerve sheath tumor on my L5 vertebrae and it's extremely painful. After using the Be Trū BODY Cream, I was able to surf all day and even pick up a kid that is twice my size and I feel amazing! I didn't even have to take another Tylenol today, which I normally do. Thank you so much Be Trū!

—KELSEY WHITE, AWOW Volunteer and Surf Instructor, Ventura, CA
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The BODY Cream works amazing! I was super skeptical at first because I didn't really compute how something topical could help and ache and a pain deep inside your body, but I put it on and within about 10 minutes I experienced HUGE, HUGE relief! I am definitely a fan and I am definitely going to be a lifelong customer!

—ADRIAN, Los Angeles, CA
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HANNAH KAUFFMAN, Shell Lake, Wisconsin

I live with a "silent disease" that causes frequent joint and muscle pain. What I think is important to note is many people don't understand how frustrating and challenging it can be for anyone to live with and to overcome chronic pain. Not only that, I have a lot of stress in my life...not anxiety just stress. I also have severe menses with breast tenderness. What I have noticed over the past month is I have not experienced any joint or muscle pain, I feel less stressed with my every day tasks and workload AND this last one is huge..:my cramping that I experience during my menses last only one day instead of three! The tenderness in my breasts was also less pronounced. Be Tru truly works wonders for me! 

—HANNAH KAUFFMAN, Shell Lake, Wisconsin
HOWARD, Chatsworth, CA

I am extremely active not only in my day to day job but also in the gym. The pain I deal with on a daily basis can really get me down and limits my ability and endurance. The first time I tried the BODY Cream, I was amazed. My pain went away for more than 8 hours and I was able to function normally, without the constant nagging pain I am used to. I cannot believe how effective Be Trū Wellness products are...I will be a customer for life!

—HOWARD, Chatsworth, CA

This pain cream has given me phenomenally pain free days. My ortho wants me to do 2 knee replacements. This cream has allowed me to resume walking for longer periods of time, completely pain free ! I can enjoy my freedom again. Thank you Be Trū! 

JACQUELINE, Huntington Beach, CA

Here's my new post workout routine: sore spot rub down with Be Trū Organics BODY Cream of course! Not kidding when I say it's a necessity! It really helps with inflammation and deep down pain, plus I love that it's all natural with no harmful chemicals and of course NO psychoactive effects so I can alleviate pain without any harsh side effects! Thank you Be Trū!! 

—JACQUELINE, Huntington Beach, CA
MICHAEL, Huntington Beach, CA

Rise & Recover! I'm REALLY enjoying the pain relief & recovery benefits of Be Trū Organics BODY Cream. Especially since my muscles & joints get sore from training constantly, so it helps alleviate pain and gets me back in the gym quicker. I've never tried anything quite like it! 



—MICHAEL, Huntington Beach, CA

I ordered some of your pain cream for an arthritic knee that has gotten bad enough that I was thinking my days as a competitive cyclist may be done. I have been doing cryo therapy, hyperbaric chambers, yoga, massage and nothing was working. So I figured I have nothing to lose and ordered your pain cream. Honestly I was not expecting much. I went to the post office to pick up the package and since my knee was particularly stiff that day I put it on in my truck. In the 10 minutes it took to drive home my knee pain and stiffness was totally gone. I was shocked. So I figure anything worth doing is worth over doing so I went to the gym and had the best leg day in years. Just to be sure I went out for 2 hours on my bike. Totally pain free the entire tome. I am floored. Thanks for giving these old knees a new lease on life. You rock!


I had a knee injury and could no longer do squats or deadlifts, and was unfortunately headed to steroid shots and surgery, now I'm back in the gym and have zero pain and full mobility in my joints, NO surgery and NO shots! Thank you Be Trū!

—JP MARSHALL, Savannah, GA
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I am a quadriplegic and suffer from tremendous pain as the result of a medical accident which ultimately ended in the second largest medical malpractice payout in 2014. A few days ago, my wife came home with a new product from Be Trū Organics to deal with my trigeminal nerve pain. Be Trū Organics BODY Cream, I used one time, and it worked better than Lidocaine... and it lasted for 6-8 hours. It was revolutionary...I can now sleep through the night and don't have the pain! I now apply Be Trū Organics daily to my face, and it's the BEST thing that's happened to me in 5 years...

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I suffer from an extremely rare degenerative bone disease. My friend introduced me to the BODY Pain Relief Cream and I'm not going to lie, at first I was a little bit skeptical, but once I tried it I was blown away with the results! I can't believe I can actually sleep through the night now without constantly waking up due to pain, and I didn't have the body aches in the morning like I normally do. Thank you Be Trū Wellness!

—ALFREDO, Los Angeles, CA
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"When I'm on tour and my band is rocking hard, we wake up with aches and pains, sometimes even right after the show. I found a product that actually WORKS, it's called Be Trū...you rub it on wherever you're in pain and it takes it AWAY. It actually works! They also have the SOUL spray that works, it can take away mild anxiety and pre-show jitters. I don't promote products EVER, but I had to share this because I've been using it for 8 weeks straight while on a European tour and it really works good!! If you want something to take away your pain, it's time to get Be Trū!"

—Michael Starr: Lead Singer for Steel Panther
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Nicole, Cyclist in CA

Nicole rode almost 50 miles without suffering from her chronic neck pain using  BODY Pain Relief Cream along the way! She says: “It was actually really amazing how many miles I got in with the help of the pain cream.... and then wind would blow on my neck and felt so refreshing! As silly as it sounds, when you have chronic pain - feeling even a moment of freedom and refreshment is amazing, but this relief lasted throughout my whole ride!! I’m prepping for a challenge ride in April which will consist of 85 miles, I know I can pull it off now, regardless of my chronic pain! Thank you Be Trū!” 🙌🏼 🚲

—Nicole, Cyclist in CA
CR Thomas, Infantryman, US Army, Afghanistan

I am a 33-year-old infantryman in the US Army currently deployed to Afghanistan.  I am also an avid long distance runner and I do strength training and powerlifting for fun.  Since I've arrived in Afghanistan I started having issues with tendonitis in my left knee.  I had been on 800mg of ibuprofen 3x a day to reduce inflammation and it hadn't helped much.  Just sitting down I get intense pain in my knee!  Since trying out the BeTru Body Pain Relief Cream and Pain Relief patches I have been able to enjoy working out and getting through my long work days pain-free again!  If you are having acute or chronic pain issues  I'd definitely try them out!  Thanks so much, BeTru!

—CR Thomas, Infantryman, US Army, Afghanistan

I work in maintenance hardware sales around folks that don’t take very good care of themselves, but are doing very hard manual labor. You can only imagine the aches and pains that these folks have! For example, there is one woman who works in Winston-Salem that I have interacted with on many occasions. She is not in the best shape, and for months I have watched her mobility decline. She can barely walk and is always in pain, which keeps her awake at night and overall detracts from her quality of life.  At a recent visit to the doctor, she was informed that her arthritis was so bad that she would need a hip replacement and both knees replaced. Feeling desperate, she asked me, a long-time Be Tru customer, for some advice. 

I had an extra order on the way, which I gave to her last week. After only a week of use, it was amazing to see the difference in her. She was smiling, walking better, and was honestly 1000% better than even a week before. I had several people in the plant come up to me and thank me for whatever I had done to help her get relief. I thought this was pretty amazing. I love your products and they do amazing things for me and keep me going in my busy life. Thank you so much for coming up with these awesome products!

—Maintenance Hardware Worker, Winston-Salem, NC