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Why is Exercise Important?

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” ~John F. Kennedy

I have spent more than half of my life in football.  That’s a lot of time beating my body up.  I have suffered all types of injuries.  My joints, from my ankles to my elbows, up to my shoulders and neck, hurt every single day.  That means it is imperative that I make sure to keep my body strong and healthy.  I am able to do that with exercise.

Exercise is important for a number of reasons.  Regular exercise helps control a healthy weight, combats health conditions and diseases, improves mood and can help you sleep better.

There are a million ways to get your sweat on.  The important thing is that you figure out what works for you.  One thing is for certain, lying around feeling sorry for yourself is never an option.

“The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.” ~ Morihei Ueshiba

I am always looking to get four weight workouts in each week.  My main objective is to get each of the following lifts done at least once over the course of those four workouts:  Bench press, squats, deadlift and pullups.  I get bored frequently and am adjusting my workouts all the time.  Sometimes rather than heading to the gym I will grab my set of “Powerblocks” (adjustable dumbbells 10-50lbs) to the park for an outdoor workout incorporating more running and plyometric drills.  Yoga is always good and you might be surprised at how much fun you have in a spin class.  Exercising can be as fun as it is demanding.

The gym is not for everyone.  Put on some headphones and take a walk around your neighborhood.  Find a good hike near you.  Get yourself a yoga mat or a jump rope or a set of dumbbells or all of the above.  Whatever you think you might be interested in to get yourself moving is out there and available to you.  Exercising and being healthy does not mean you need to kill yourself for two hours in a gym every day and it doesn’t mean you need to spend money on a trainer either.  Keeping your blood flowing, sweating, the expansion and contraction of your muscles are important ways that we help our bodies function at optimum levels.

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Eben Britton, Former NFL Player, Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears

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