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The Point After: How I Regained My Health Coming Out of the NFL

Eben Britton definitely put his body through hell and back again during his career in the NFL. After playing 6 years for the Chicago Bears and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Eben's body and mind were completely messed up. He made a decision to get off the pharmaceutical drugs, stop overeating, take control of his health, and reclaim his destiny.

Here is a short snippet from Eben himself on how he's been able to transform himself through diet, exercise, and fasting:

"It has taken me a while to get into a good rhythm.  My entire life in football was about extremism and survival.  The cycle was building my body up, breaking it down and then having to build it up again from a lesser, weakened state.  Three years out of the league and I feel as though I’m finding what works best for me.  

I weighed three hundred and thirty pounds when I left the NFL. 

Eben Britton

Today I weigh two hundred and forty-five. 

Eben Britton

I attribute that transformation to a number of factors.  Number one, food is key.  Second, I fast.  Fasting has changed my life in totally unforeseeable ways. And finally, exercise.  The power of movement is undeniable for our overall well-being.

I do not believe that food plans are a one-size fits all type of thing.  However, you must pay attention to the food you eat and how it makes you feel.  That being said, I know that anytime I eat bread, pasta, anything made with flour, rice, heavy starches I feel sluggish, my mind is foggy and slow, I feel weak and achy.  I avoid those foods 90% of the time.  That means I eat tons of vegetables, lean meat (grass-fed and wild caught only), healthy fats (lots of avocados, coconut oil, nuts, etc), and some fruit on occasion.  The ugly truth is that no one gets lean (or healthy for that matter) eating like shit.  There are no shortcuts.  Important reminder:  No one is perfect.  I fuck up all the time.  If you end up eating a carton of ice cream late one night in a frenzy, don’t worry about it.  Is that ideal on the road to shred? Definitely not.  But don’t kill yourself for it. You’ll get back on the horse tomorrow.

I fast.  Intermittent fasting has become my favorite tool for re-establishing balance in my body.  I generally fast for about sixteen hours, daily.  That means no food after eight o’clock at night and then I don’t eat anything until noon the next day.  I have found the health benefits range from turning my body into a fat-burning machine to keeping me in a positive mood, having anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects.  Fasting has also drastically re-arranged my relationship with food.  At one point in my three hundred and thirty pound days I remember being sick of eating.  Eating had become a chore.  It was a burden to maintain the size.  Since fasting I no longer feel that burden.  I enjoy food when it comes because by the time I eat, my body, my cells can actually use a hit of nutrients.  They are in need of fuel and not still processing the food I just stuck in it a few hours before.

The final part of my physical transformation is exercise.  Exercise too can be an overwhelming enterprise for most people.  The thought of getting tired and sweaty is enough to send most back to the couch.  However, our bodies must move to maintain a healthy state.  Blood must be actively circulated from one end of the body to another.  We must sweat to detox our system.  Movement is vital to move toxins out and fresh nutrients and oxygenated blood in.  Exercise is the only way we activate the endocannabinoid system in our bodies.  The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for our mood, our appetite, how we sleep and how we feel and deal with pain.  Basically, the ECS keep us in homeostasis (balance) throughout our lives.  Exercise is one of the great equalizing tools we forever have at our disposal as human beings.  I exercise five days a week and I change it up all the time.  I love lifting weights, I hike, I go to spin classes.  For the last six months I have started my day with a thirty minute yoga session.  And I find that my body feels better than it has in many years. 

Eben Britton

Life takes engagement.  It takes work to make our dreams and goals happen.  Life is a process that requires constant attention.  Ideas manifest in our mind and we must use this body we have been given to enact those ideas to realize our dreams.  This body is our vehicle for creation.  Otherwise our desires will forever remain dreams.  They are wishes that never come true unless we expressly put into action the steps to realize that vision.  We are capable of anything.  All it takes is hard work and commitment."

Eben is currently traveling the globe speaking about the dangers of concussions, pharmaceutical drugs, and CTE...he is an advocate of using natural ways to heal the body, including intermittent fasting, ketones, proper supplementation, yoga, hemp, cannabis, and herbs.

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