Julie Wilson, President – Be Trū Wellness™

Julie Wilson, President

Julie Wilson Gordon is originally from Parkersburg, WV. She relocated to Greensboro, NC and started working as a Marketing Director for a local Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer. Her passion for health came after enduring severe gastrointestinal disorders and stress that resulted from being a single mother and working nonstop. After several years of relying on doctors and prescription meds, she decided to do some research on natural ways to heal the body. After just 6 months of implementing severe changes to her diet and lifestyle, she felt like an entirely new person. 

This bred within her a deep passion to share her knowledge with the world, and continue to research the miraculous powers that lie within plant foods and herbs.

In 2008 she decided to quit working for Harley-Davidson and formed an herbal company called Raw-Nation. Her company’s debut product, Hot Rawks, was the first and only raw, certified organic libido enhancement supplement on the market. 

Julie’s commitment to quality organic products combined with an edgy, mainstream marketing campaign helped her achieve national publicity and led to exposure on Sirius Radio, Fox television, Don Imus, ESPN, and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, just to name a few.

In 2013, Julie accepted an offer to sell Raw-Nation so she could enjoy the fruits of her labor and focus on her family. She relocated to Los Angeles where she soon met several people who had miraculously transformed their health using non-psychoactive hemp extract. Julie’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited once again, and Be Trū Wellness was born.

Julie’s goal for Be Trū Wellness is to help people get off harmful prescription drugs and promote overall wellness through organic and natural products and supplements. Julie resides in Los Angeles with her husband and teenage son.