Anton Krioukov Testimonial

I work with people who are suffering from chronic pain everyday, and the #1 thing everyone is looking for is non-psychoactive pain relief. I have found this in BeTru Wellness. For my clients who are willing to use hemp extract, this has been an extremely helpful product and one that have I recommended frequently, especially to people who suffer from degenerative joint disease. I use BeTru on my hands after massaging all day and have seen a real reduction in cramping and joint pain since I have started using it regularly. I have never experienced or have had any of my clients report any psycho-active effects using BeTru, only pain relief and reduction of swelling. The cream itself comes on clean, has no odor and doesn’t feel heavy or oily after application. I could not have asked for a better product for myself or for my clients. Thank You Be Trū!


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